Described by Billboard magazine as “combining earthiness with glamour and roots-deep house music knowledge with pop wise diversity,” Anané has forged an international career that has included appearances at Japan’s infamous Blue Note Festivcal, Europe’s giant Montreux Jazz Festival, Finland’s Pori Jazz, Holland’s North Sea Jazz Festival, Cape Town’s Jazz and Britain’s Womad Festival. Cirque Du Soleil invited Anané to perform the opening song for the Super Bowl XLII pre-game show. Her performance of “One Dream” was seen by more than 140 million people worldwide.

The singer, songwriter, producer and DJ follows up the 2006 release of her debut album “Ananeselections” with “Ananesworld,” a mixture of dance, reggae, rock, R&B soul, world and Caribbean influences. Anané is a producer and songwriter who made a name for herself with her edgy remake of the 1970s classic “Let Me Love You” by Bunny Mack, as well as her emotional version of Yoko Ono’s “Walking On Thin Ice.”

Now, Anané is the co-producer, along with Louie Vega, on several tracks on her new album. She has co-written nine of the songs with Grammy Award Winner Lisa Fischer, Duane Harden, Lem Springsteen, Kalu Montiero and Djim Djob.

Music has been in Anané’s blood since her childhood in Santiago, capital of West African Cape Verde. Soon, Anané brought her talents to New York City armed with nothing more than a bag full of clothes and a heart full of dreams. There, she immersed herself in the city’s club culture where she met DJ/Producer Louie Vega, who tapped her as an integral member of the Elements of Life Collective.

Anané is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. She’s been involved in NextAid, an organization for African children who have lost parents to AIDS, as well as the Anané Vega Scholarship Fund.

“Ananesworld,” her sophomore CD will have a global release in February 2010 on Nervous Records. “It’s the essence of who I am,” she said of the project. “These are my hopes, my aspirations and my dreams. It’s my global expression; soundtracks to moments in my life.”