Junior Sanchez

Junior Sanchez is uniquely able to walk that fine line between HOUSE, ELECTRO and POP. He
represents that next generation of American DJ/Producers whose musical flava is influencing DJ’s and clubs around the world. His philosophy about music is simply, “It’s all about tomorrow baby.” That attitude, combined with talent has enabled him to remix, producer and/or
collaborate with artists like MADONNA, KATY PERRY, IMA ROBOT, MORNINGWOOD, THE BRAVERY, BLAKE MILLER (MOVING UNITS), GOOD CHARLOTTE, SHAKIRA and countless others. In his DJ and production gigs he frequently rolls with an inner crew consisting of ARMAND VAN HELDEN, FELIX DA HOUSECAT and STUART PRICE. That stellar crew is well represented on his new NERVOUS album “SEIZE THE FEWCHA” with bombs like ARMAND VAN HELDEN & STEVE AOKI “Brrrat” and JUNIOR SANCHEZ & FELIX DA HOUSECAT “nEthang!” Other highlights on the album include Junior’s international hit along with
collaborator HARRY ROMERO “Where You Are”, and the number 1 worldwide underground anthem BUTCH “No Worries.” Combined with exclusive remixes and tracks this comp is ready to set the world ablaze!

Club communities around the world are already buzzing hard about this compilation. Massive release parties are confirmed Pacha in NYC and Mansion in Miami, and an international tour will be launched as well.