Kim English

Kim English


New single “Nothing’s Impossible” proves that it’s not just all about the dj!

The past couple years has seen the emergence of the DJ as the ultimate star of the dancefloor, both as the one dictating the playlist of the night, and the one producing the mostly instrumental tracks being played. And in those few instances where a vocalist is a part of the track, it is generic in nature and lacks any of the fire that classic New York and Chicago house tracks are known for.

For those who still appreciate the power and inspiration of a great vocal performance, there is hope for a change with new tunes from Ultimate Diva Kim English on the way. Out for summer 2009 will be a classic Kim English “hands in the air” anthem in the style of “Unspeakable Joy” and “Everyday.” Titled “Nothing’s Impossible” and co-produced and co-written with longtime collaborator Maurice Joshua, this song was debuted by Kim at this year’s Winter Music Conference. The performance and corresponding audience response was amazing!

Having made a smashing debut in the industry in 1995 with the all-time classic “Nitelife,” Kim English continues to stay true to her own vision and talent . She has a message to deliver, and refuses to compromise, even if that may mean unintended conflict with producers, promoters, radio stations, and even her record label! But that is what makes her an “artist,” as opposed to just another vocalist trying to abide by a DJ/producer’s whim.

She has been with Nervous for 14 years! That is a century in this business. Through that time Nervous and Kim have had numerous number one Billboard records together, a couple top 40 UK pop records, and countless tunes that were played peak hour at both big room clubs and soulful clubs, as well as on radio.

It’s 2009 and Kim and Nervous are ready to launch the next phase. Kim is currently in the studio writing and recording more new material, and will be playing selective club dates this summer.