Mind Control (Richie Santana & Peter Bailey)

Mind Control

Mind Control (Peter Bailey and Richie Santana) began their residency in late 2006 at world-famous nightclub Pacha New York. The party takes a bit of a unique approach in the club world, letting the two DJs tag-team track-fortrack as their set progresses. Remixes like Santana’s white label
version of the Eurhythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” and Bailey’s remix of Nelly
Furtado’s “Say it Right” have throbbed at clubs from Montreal to Ibiza.
Together and alone, the two have collaborated with names like Victor
Calderone, Chus & Ceballos, Carlos Fauvrelle, and DJ Vibe.
The gents have been pumping out hit remixes such as Ralph Falcons “Break You”, Peter Baileys epic remix of “Sun Rising Up”, Richie Santana remix of “Robots”, and most recently, their monster collaboration on Oscar G’s “Back to You” out on NervousRecords.